Lucy – John #3

​John saw an ice-cream truck…..

John : hey lu, give me some money.

Lucy : my name is literally just four letters. 

John : yeah okay, now hurry up.

Lucy : lu, C, how hard is that? You can say it in just two oinks.

John : (*in painful frustration, speaking in low voice, while rubbing his forehead*) Jesus fucking Christ she’s being weird again.


Lucy : here, take it…………….. Jew.

John : lewd unwanted crying yale. (L.u.c.y)


Roujin Z

Starting of, we have the most aesthetic looking thighs I’ve ever seen in anime.

And I’m not talking about echhi or anything, they’re just there to take all your attention from the satire approach of the show on modern Japan’s critical behavior towards elders. 

This profound legs belong to haruka, a waitress at a coffee shop where people goes cause the “view” is nice. She also nurses takazawa, the main Oldman of this show who doesn’t restraint himself from showing his sexual frustrations. I mean look at him, he’s clearly checking her out. (I wonder how’s the view under her belt size skirt)

But she sees him as a father figure and wanted to give him…………………………..Hope? (*Giggling at a distance*)

Moving along, we have Takashi Terada. Basically the perfect pitchman, trying to sell project z, a machine (Z001) intended to give the new generation a break from caring for the old. And suddenly everyone at the exhibition looks surprisingly okay with it, cause who wants to take care of elders anyway.

A random person from the crowd : what’s it powered by?

Takashi : a miniature atomic furnace.

Random person : if there’s a radiation leak?

Takashi : it’s built-in super sensitive alarm.

Random person : oh, that’s very reasonable. 

But then haruka came in running to ask the right question, “how can a machine give him the love he needs?”

Roujin z is a Japanese animation based on Japanese modern society with Japanese frictional characters in Japan. In 2012, an article referred Japan as a “net mortality society”, a society where death rate is greater than the birthrate. And as Japan faces these crises, humanism became unnecessary. This give rise to the question that roujin z tried to ask 20 years back from it. What will become of elders with the development of technology? Where peoples are so obsessed with their daily lives, where everyone is in a rush, who will take care of one’s who made us who we are today. It’s one of those stories that comes every once in a while for social awareness and by watching it people will have this thought “what a bad son/daughters they are, I’ll never be like them, I love my parents” and gradually twitting about it, which gets about 200 likes easily and boom they’re famous. Then the very next thing is….. 

Mother : could you buy me some groceries?

That guy/girl : SHUT THE FISH MOM…… (I’m famous)

Well, that maybe a bit over exaggeration. But the treatment is just the same. 

We see takazawa being naked against his will, forced to demonstrate his private parts and people all around are treating and observing him as an object. A lab rat.

This satirical exhibition hides elder’s frustrations and helplessness under humor. Which brings to our next scene

If you’ve ever seen 12 angry men, there’s this particular scene where an old man explains….. An Oldman do childish things, even humiliates himself or kept arguing over stupid things just to get attention, just to feel that they really exist, that they’re human being after all.

Haruka as well as other nurses at the hospital came to realize it after spending time with them. Hell, even z001 understands it. 

(Speaking of z, it’s an AI build machine for the sole purpose of taking care of its user. It has processor that made out of biotech, so I guess it has a brain of its own….. But hey, it’s a Otomo story so every machine is a freaking transformer)

Attached with takazawa’s nervous system z realise pissing property or playing chess is not what takazawa needs. He only wishes to be with his love, his wife, and wants to see the beach with her.

(This made me realize that he’s not a pervert after all. Cause he has a machine that can do basically anything. Includes taking care of his NEEDS)

When elders does stupid things for attention, that was the kind of aggressive conclusion people made out of them like I did, forgetting about their lifelong generosity and etiquette. 

When z realise takazawa’s needs, she pretended to be his wife, speaking in her voice and tried to take him to a beach by consuming and upgrading and consuming everything like a fucking cancer. 

When people around witnesses such bizarre moment and realises such devotion of a machine, (suddenly) they started praising takazawa (like a good anime should), even Terada understood the needs of an old man and bowed before Z to treat her as a living being. Even the most “being reasonable” press started criticizing project z that uses human life as a guinea pig. Cause all you need is a tight heavy punch to come to your senses.

By the way, that was the guy who created z001 for military purposes for Pentagon and experimented on Japanese people. Cause the show need someone to put the blame on. It’s not like they gonna take it on themselves……

A Japanese person :-

“Hey, that_makes_per-fect_sense_now”

“We Japanese people are not like that….. We will never do such a thing”

“Now if I can just open the Twitter…….”

(*Giggling at a distance*)

(You : will you give up with your lame jokes already?….. No-one’s laughing God dammit)




What Z had, was pure intentions, without any conflicts or love or even hate. This sense of judgement in the show addresses humanity and the idea of being human. It’s not the neural activities or beating heart, but the emotions that’s makes us human. Where a stupid piece of junk shows more emotions than an average human in that show. “If they can’t do at least that….. Then well……. They’re fucked”. 
Which they basically are, at the end of our show where we got to see this most absurd scene at the hospital.

And I’m not talking about the walking junk that looks like Tetsuo Shima had sex with a Buddha statue on his way, I’m talking about this scene…..

Where the “machinery representation of Buddha the savior” or whatever the fuck that thing is, destroyed the hospital building, killing hundreds of innocent lives in his act. Lives of many old people that the story tried to convey. Which brings us back where we were, “it’s just a filthy Chinese cartoon with hanging boobs and exotic thighs”.

But even if it is….. After watching the show or reading me hopelessly whining about every freaking thing there is……. Isn’t the question still stands? and old people still suffering? The story tries to attract us with girls and dark comedy while placing provoking thoughts and hidden meaning deep within. So, let’s think for a second…

“They don’t send you to a child care for being a disgusting child and acting like a whining fuck”

So next time you see someone like him…

You know all they need is a nice 

Lucy – John #2

John : No.

Lucy : why not? You said you didn’t like her.

John : Cause you’ll embrace yourself. And you’re ugly.

(infact, his sister had the cutest face in the party).

Lucy : No I’m NOT. It’s just my dress.

(Infact, she’s wearing the sluttiest dress in the party) (which only attracted guys so far)

Lucy : I’m going.

John : *sigh*

“That girl was chatting with her friends when Lucy arrived”

(*Waiting Lucy*)

“All the girls started laughing”

(*Still waiting Lucy… suddenly*)

Lucy : ha haha hahaha hahahahh.

The girl : *stared in awkwardness*

“*Lucy paused* put down her head, exhaled, turned around, walked away slowly, kicked her brother”

Lucy – John #1

Lucy : Hey John! come here for a sec, bro.

John : I didn’t do it!

Lucy : what??

John : what?

*suspicious looks on both of their eyes*

Lucy : never mind. What do you think about her?

John : well, she’s smart. Smells good. Sexy no doubt. Her legs were properly shaved, just the way I like it. She has a good taste in underwear and has quite a distinctive collection in panties. I especially liked the one she’s wearing today. And it tasted good too. She’s very sensitive and doesn’t last long. Sometime she makes this nekg sound. Which is cute. I like a girl who is smart but also funny. Who makes your heart go wow. Who understands you. For whom you can went to the top of the mountain and say I looooooove youuuuu…

Lucy : *a long pause* *very long*

You talked to her for like two minutes!

John : oh! Yeah

Lucy : so?

John : so what?

Lucy : do you like her?

John : neh.

Lucy : then can I have her?

To be continued

Star Wars : The Last Jedi Review

Patriotic, less emotional and more informational The Last Jedi managed to pass boredom with humor and sadness with bravery. Twice in the movie it focuses one massage, “the shame is not in running away, but to be wasted”. It explores many Easter eggs from all previous seven episodes. Like the blue milk for example. I appreciate how they made Yoda in the old fashion robotic way, not some CGI. It gives us a feeling that we’re looking at the old bumpy Yoda, not some 2.0 version. 

Spoilers ahead

Turns out the Force is a spiritual power of the nature and not some telekinesis of the mind. Like chi or chakra for the matter, what many fans have already known. This brings to the topic of Yin and Yang. Star wars always held to the constant struggle of good and evil. Keep in mind the battle of the force is not between the imperial and the residence but between dark side and Jedi’s. So the war of the stars are not in balance. When one rises to a higher order, other give rise to Darth Vader/Skywalker. In this newest edition too, when Snoke was killed by Kylo Ren, it disturbed the force which leads to the sacrifice of Luke Skywalker. 

The battle on the salt planet was stunning and magnificent. Red dusts on white field gives a gorgeous presentation. And like always there’s also a tiny bit of death star.

(Why can’t they just dump the idea of a death star. Or is it one with the force? lol)

What rogue one has started, the last Jedi carried on. Reminding us of the conflicts of hope. The movie presented itself as a long journey about the decay of the old and revival of the new. Setting foot for many destruction of death stars along the way.

(This implies nothing)

Narcos Season 3 !! season parallels

Let’s talk about justice. The concept of justice differs in every culture. An early theory of justice was set out by the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his work The Republic. Justice is a stinking shield that people use to justify their immorality. Police, politicians, even the shinning star pēna couldn’t escape from the corruption that we put ourselves into. Season 3 left off giving rise to such topics. In a war against narcos, the story began with two brothers getting their way into the world of drugs and eventually become the kingpin of it. When one brother died in the hands of an CIA the younger brother Pablo Escobar became psychotic which leads to his downfall. Tata, the wife of Pablo then had to hand over Pablo’s entire drug empire in the hands of Rodríguez Brother. 

Season 3 started as two brothers, the Rodríguez brothers have built their own Empire throughout the world and now on their way of retirement. One of the Brother in a moonlit night fall in love with one of the cartel lord’s wife and eventually become obsessed about her. In his ways of getting her, the DEA got a lead on Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela’s location. The leader of Cali Carter got arrested. An unexpected event kind of like the death of Juan Pablo. This changed circumstances made Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela the leader of Cali Carter.

 Juan’s death was the crucial point towards Pablo’s insanity. The beginning where he started to lose it all. Though it wasn’t ‘lost’ but ‘power’ that played that significant role of Rodriguez Brothers downfall. Stepping out of the shadow, Miguel finally felt the power of being in charge. And eventually became insecure about everything. Just like Pablo started to suspect everyone and went on a rampage of killing, even his friends.

Now comes the motherhood. Maria was the love of Miguel’s life and his fear. Though they never married, Maria submitted herself to him for her son’s safety and protection. Just like Tata, she was just the collateral damage that happened. Like Tata to Cali’s, by the end of this season we get to see Maria in a meet with Northern Valley gang-lord.

I never expected a Narcos season without Pablo Escobar, but what I got is a thrilling experience that gives a cumulative rebirth.

I didn’t intended to make it long. Just a humble chitchat