When a bird left the earth

There was a bird who hated the land more than anything. He couldn’t stand it and wanted to fly far from its disgrace. So he flew with his proud wings, far and further. But it was never enough, he couldn’t fly enough higher to not get bothered by the filthy land. One day he determined to fly above the cloud, maybe even further if needed. And will never return, he swears it.

He flew very high that day, left the clouds way back, but he didn’t mind, he wanted to reach the height no bird has ever reached and then he reached it, that no bird can ever reach. When he did, all his breath came to an end and the whole body went paralyzed as he felt down and kept falling. The heat and pressure burned his proud wings and he was smashed to the ground he so hated. But it felt cold and comforting as it let him took his peaceful last breath.

[You knew this ancient tale, i did too, just wanted to write it down, if i can dare]


Tokyo ghoul ended (agony)

I thought Kaneki will take rize’s place as to produce those dragon orphans, making a constant need for ccg and ghouls to work together. But the fucker just left it all and became the biggest shit joke of all time.

My Hero Academia 3 episode 11

What makes a hero so great? It’s a thought I had for longer than I can remember. All might, Boku no hero’s mightiest superhero, as he shinned so brightly today that burst everyone in tears, even made the audience cry. I wondered what made him so unique. So distinctive. His United State punch, his colorful stand, his weird smile, all these are just childish. Like Superman with his truth, Justice, and American way. Exactly as Superman. As we learned, All Might presents himself as the symbol of peace, hiding his weak self, and his pains. Something that’s freaking admirable, but that’s not it. He’s a hero that formed, evolved to greatness through hardship, determination, experience. Which leads me to that particular scene where All for one was trying to defeat him with words, breaking him from the inside. Confused, and raged, he was succumbing to it, but finally he breaks out as a civilian behind cried for help. That was something that speaks volumes to his character. His years of fighting crime, his experience carried out with his final blow, and put some lines to All for one’s wiped out face. So what makes a hero so great? It’s the light, and energy that comes with him. Crime is horrible, and ugly. It makes a child cry. But a hero put smiles on their faces. And All Might does it with or without his Santa Claus uniform. He will smile with his handheld high, and patriotic soundtracks will play on the background. Why? Cause he’s here.


A boy, burdened by his father’s selfish demands, rise to power for a greater good. A good for the world to witness. With his giant robo. A typical drama with a typical world of good vs evil. Which is exactly what it looks like on the surface. An optimistic boy with a great power, who saves the day with a smile. Started with actions and adventure on an Egyptian figure looking robot, the boy and his team goes on to fight big fire. An evil organization with motives unknown.

Typical, as it may sound, the story thrives to greatness as it started to explore each and every character. Dived into a deeper story line, changing, twisting, even reality to peel off the outer ordinary layers of the plot. It blurred its own ideas and the boundaries of good and evil. The boy Kusama, tries to find meaning in this change to aid our confusion.

It felt dark as it felt entertaining, with characters acting like 80s charming idiots. Dancing and jumping, naming their attacks loudly like a kid show. Ginrei, with her naked sexy legs, running around for our pleasure. We do appreciate it. A show to pass the time. Then it flourished to a better beast all together. Kusama been exposed to his father’s questioning love. “How could a father put such great responsibility to his son’s shoulder?… ruining his childhood?” Ginrei, couldn’t agree to her own father being evil. The father she so loved. And her brother asking the one question that I believe we all wonder for most mystery stories… “Why the hell do they talk in mystery and codes that makes all the confusion and only do reveal at the end?” (for entertainment’s sake)

The government and big fire had their team of super humans. All with unique gesture and posture, idealizes in matters of their own belief. Believes that doesn’t seem wrong, just opposite. As I said earlier, when the story dived deeper, these characters shined to their individuality. They complex themselves as to empathize. Which lead the grant finale. Where all their prospects, their clashes, all the revealing mysteries and tragedy, crouching tiger and hidden dragon stuff… orchestrated in a big bang. And it was wonderful.

Devilman Crybaby

Blood and gore and violence, blended on a mesmerizing canvas. When the world of animation is so focused on positivity, we so loved and can’t get enough of, devilman crybaby forged up decades old thought and presented without any hesitation. In soft touch of colors and lines, it had spoken wildly, showing the downfall of society. It is as sensational as it was back then when the source material published. I came across the manga after I finished up the anime, and none was disappointing. The moment Akira was taken to the underworld and transformed into devilman, the moment when all the demons were getting his special treatment, it was a hell of a show. Even better than tits and eyes wide shut. He became devilishly brutal, quite essential to protect mankind from demons like himself.

The club took away his worries and doubt, while allowed him a clear purpose and justice. But humans are nowhere clean and corrupted by fear. Fear, that brings hatred which clouded their judgment in favor of the basic bads. The story idolizes humanity and massacres it to make a point. Humans are good, I believe it too. To a point where they can still keep their sanity, they wanted to. Yet crybaby turned it into an absolute horror when they can no longer. No dark Knight had saved the sinking boat. Not even all powerful devilman. And the world went into eternal slumber.
Masaaki Yuasa, who had given us kaiba, one of my favorite Tatami Galaxy and a sport of lines ping pong the animation, is known for his fluid play in art animation. He works in distinct style that mostly related to his projects. But devilman was no near that need. Yet he charmed it up, which may look childish to some, but it was nothing but subtle. It even outbursts in a controlled manner. All those sex and rage and inside outs felt kind of sublime to me. Maybe it’s just me. Then again devilman crybaby is not a story for soft hearts. Your Asuna pillow is not enough.

God bless to the people who made those soundtracks. A bliss before polluting with darkness.

I never quite understood the relationship between Akira and Ryo, other than appreciating it at the end. It felt just like the internet is saying and yes, in a bad way.

Berserk “Writing The ECLIPSE”

Sun blotted blind on a dystopian dead sea. Marching evil to a tragic Paradise and fatal feast. Treacherous seed tearing in blood calling for omen as the sky distorted in faces. Sea turned dry, earth formed screaming mountains and the horror started. Hungry demons above sleepy raw hill getting closer and closer. To the great nocturnal festival.
Hosts arrived, rises from the land of dead faces, nude and proud, spreading her wings, the Divine angle. The dreadful entity. Followed by a laughing man dripped out of Edvard Munch’s red sky. A booing golem came next and then a figure of absolute nobility.
Four hellish nightmare waiting for their fifth bliss, celebrating savagery on honorable sacrifice, the band of hawk.
In this confusing dementia a man screams rejection when others have surrendered in thought.
“Enough ‘a your stupid crap” he said. Defending his friend, the chosen one from faith’s demands. Defiling against countless demons as the feast of flesh began. Despair crawling near the shattered hope. Fights and lost, massacre, corpses spreaded across the land. One by one every friend the man ever dear, turned to food. Yet the man still struggles. Refuses everything with shear strength and fearless aggression. To save his friend.
But the friend have chosen his dream over every grace he ever had. Refuses his friends, treated as tools.
The hand of God swallowed the friend in a transformation to the Angeli Advent.
Corpses being tared and joyed, loves are eaten. Feast of beasts, graveyard of loss. The man was strangled, surrounding creatures of mystics. He has witnessed death, still witnessing the last. The last but most important, his love. He tried to break free, as the new born arrived. The nocturnal animal. A pitch black nymphotic hawk-man. New on power, eager to celebrate. Celebrating with his love, defiling in front of him. “Love, hatred, pain, pleasure, life, death, all are there” as the angle described. “This is to be human, this is to be evil”.
The man breaks free, losing an arm, yet not enough to reach her. He witnessed death, despair, lost, helplessness and gave up. Fainted in defeat.
When he woke up, he finds himself and the girl being saved. Only the girl, he loved has gone in madness. He ran away to refuse it all, refuse his life and pains for eternity. All his friends’ faces flashed before him along with the one. The centre of all his hatred and revenge he only left with. Revenge against a power of eternal and absolute.
The man marches towards that dark endless unknown abyss. Just a man name Guts. And the story he carries is Berserk


Manga is a collective work of art and perspectives, driven by a plot. A color palette with only black and white, shades. A mangaka works in such closed world, yet they overcome it, even intensified. Showing off occasionally as a celebration of art. And who does it more than Yusuke Murata in One punch man.
A plot that was revealed way back in a web comic, still managed its way back in “most popular” manga list. It’s all because of Murata’s passion and dedication. I may not like how he exaggerate things, but his hardship is overflowing.
Have you read the latest chapter? Doesn’t matter. It starts with this aesthetic view of saitama’s broken neighborhood. At a point where it wasn’t even needed. Yes, real life pictures can ease the blending, yet somehow this stellar presentation speaks to me. Followed by the king of dragons.

A chapter so focused on details and shades, brilliantly ran a showdown on a massive scale.

The portrayal of the king is so huge and complex, with fire and breathe, Murata brought it all together with moments. As moments are the best way to speak, in a manga. And that’s something that makes this chapter beautiful.